Hot smoked


Hot-smoked salmon has always been a fixture in the fish trade. The whole sides are preprocessed for several hours and then smoked at high temperature. This salmon is perfect for use in buffets and salads, or with hot foods such as risotto, rice or pasta. We also have these whole sides available in combination with truffle, so you can enjoy the hot-smoked experience, which is new and different from the cold preparation.

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Tied salmon

Our tied salmon is prepared according to an old tradition of the Kodiaks in Alaska. The salmon is seasoned with a special herb and spice blend before being tied and pine-smoked at high temperature. This process is what gives the salmon its distinctive flavour. It is a versatile product that can be served warm, for anything from a snack with drinks to a main course. It is also delicious eaten cold in a salad.

Unleash your creativity with this salmon. Combined with a garnish of vegetables, potatoes, rice or pasta, our tied salmon can be used year-round. You’ll create beautiful dishes with minimum effort. One of our first customers still has this tied salmon on their menu as a classic dish, served with mushroom risotto and truffle sauce.

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Trout is smoked using artisanal methods at Het Vishuis. This particular technique uses low temperatures and different types of wood with herbs and spices. This gives the trout its distinctive, natural flavour and texture.

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Norwegian Salmon Roulade

The left and right fillet are marinated, then tied together and hot smoked. This technique, which is often used by Scandinavian chefs, prevents the salmon from losing any juices or flavours. During the hot-smoking process, the salmon are turned to preserve juices and flavours and counteract any losses.

Afterwards, the Roulade is gently cooled and vacuum packed, which makes it very easy to cut. You will not find a more versatile product in the industry. You can process these into rillettes, salads, mousses, slices, to serve hot or cold, pulled salmon and so on. You can also heat them on the BBQ or smoker to give the aromas an additional boost.

Rock and Rouleau!

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Het Vishuis prefers eel from small-scale farms in the Netherlands and abroad because they are still in tune with the specific character of wild eel. After a soak in a brine bath with sea salt, the eels are first air dried and then subtly smoked over oak to which herbs and spices are added.

The firm texture of eel goes very well with numerous cold and hot preparations. Delicious in a pâté or as a ragout in a croquette with foie gras. We can proudly say that many top chefs at home and abroad work with this gastronomic product.

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The Siberian sturgeon is a fish species that originated in the Caspian Sea and is best known for its caviar. The tender meat with a short-fibre structure is particularly suitable for consumption. Due to a specially developed smoking process, the result is known as a delicacy. For this process, the fillet meat of the sturgeon is brined and seasoned with a sophisticated blend of herbs. The lightly smoked fillet meat can be processed as carpaccio, mousse, tartare and many other variations.

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Whole salmon

Het Vishuis also has salmon in its assortment that is hot smoked in its entirety. This impressive salmon makes quite an impression with any fish banquet. The soft, creamy meat is easy to serve from the top with spoon and fork.

This eye-catcher lends itself perfectly for presentation during a self-service buffet. Because the salmon is cooked in the skin, the texture remains intact and it retains all its juices during smoking.

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Petit fours

Hot-smoked, specially seasoned salmon is cut by Het Vishuis in the form of petit fours. This creates a delicious amuse that can be served hot or cold.

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