Our smokehouse

Het Vishuis extracts much moisture through a thorough salting procedure; a dry brine mixed with herbs and spices ensures almost twenty-five percent moisture loss.

That is followed by the long smoking process with a variety of types of wood and maturing to achieve the firm structure, delicate flavour and deep red colour characteristic of Het Vishuis salmon.

State of the art

What once began as a manually stoked smoker oven in the garage is now a state-of-the-art smokehouse in Hoogstraten. We smoke cold, hot, hanging or lying according to the clients’ wishes. The way of working has remained unchanged and has been automated to perfection. Het Vishuis proves that traditional craft and efficiency go together very well.

Computer-driven smoker ovens perform a smoking process lasting 9 hours; in stages and with 12 interim ventilations to prevent soot formation, condensation and overheating. The salmon is smoked above chips of beech, ash and oak, each with its own specific characteristic; beech for fast ignition, oak for the flavour and ash for the colour.