Cold smoked


Het Vishuis dry-salts its carefully selected salmon according to a traditional recipe. For smoking, equal parts of beech, oak and ash wood chips are mixed with smoking spices. The smoke that is released during the heating process is conveyed via pipes to the smoker where the salmon is located. This method gives the salmon its distinct flavour and smooth texture. Het Vishuis delivers its salmon sides whole, traditionally cut, cut lengthwise or as a back fillet.

This versatile product allows you to create numerous dishes in no time at all. Think of salads with a classic or modern dressing. Alternatively, why not opt for a crispy marbré or a savoury pancake? Our salmon is also irresistible as carpaccio, tartare or a roulade of salmon cut lengthwise and filled with fresh vegetables. Salmon from Het Vishuis is also perfectly suitable for a delicious lunch in a wrap or sandwich, with an omelette, warm beignet or simply on toast.

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Graved Salmon

This salmon (literally: salmon buried in the ground) is a typically Scandinavian preparation. In the past, sailors used to start by marinating the fillets in a dry brine of salt, sugar and a mixture of dill and mustard seeds for three days. Then they buried the salmon, wrapped in linen cloths. The cloths served to keep the salmon free from sand, but still allowed moisture to pass through. The fish were buried sixty centimetres deep to achieve the correct, constant temperature. The pressure on the fish is also ideal at this depth to create the salmon’s distinct flavour and texture. This pickling and brining method is traditionally used to store fish at sea for longer and to increase its shelf life.

This great classic product gives you the opportunity to present a timeless creation. You can give this product a personal twist with minimal effort. We have already done the preparatory work for you; all you have to do is finish. You could use the back fillet as Balik, traditionally hand sliced (we can also do this for you), sashimi-style or diced with a Scandinavian potato salad.

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Salmon with lime and algae

Thanks to its salty taste, many people associate this salmon with seafood. Despite conventions, the combination of lime and algae fits perfectly on a plateau of fruits de mer. Also perfect in a cold starter.

For lovers of seafood, this fish is a supreme surprise. It is often presented on a wooden board or aluminium plateau, cut any way you like. Use this salmon as is, served with a glass of crisp white wine and white toast with good butter and salt flakes.

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Cold-smoked halibut simply must be included in a traditional banquet with smoked fish. Because of its firm texture and bright white colour, Het Vishuis prefers Greenland halibut that is caught at great depth. The cold-smoking process is adapted to the subtle taste of halibut, it should not be over-smoked.

Unfortunately, halibut is still an undervalued product, and people have forgotten how exquisite its flavour can be when the fish is prepared correctly. It’s time to give halibut the status it deserves!

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Salmon with truffle

This distinctive salmon is the flagship of Het Vishuis. The combination of truffle and smoke infuses the salmon, placed in truffle granules for a long time, with an earthy note. Afterwards, it is topped with pure truffle.

With the start of the game season, fish disappears from the menu in many restaurants. In our opinion, however, fish should also be a menu option in restaurants during this season. With this in mind, we developed truffle salmon. It is incredibly delicious in autumnal salads; classic in rosettes with shaved truffle or shaved chestnuts, finished with fried mushrooms, crispy bacon and a balsamic vinaigrette. Also excellent in combination with, for example, curls of foie gras. We provide a helping hand to kitchen professionals to serve an excellent dish in no time at all, with fish that perfectly matches a game menu.

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Norwegian Salmon beetroot

This salmon is the perfect answer to current trends in gastronomy: red beetroot, gin and orange. This unique flavour combines all styles of culinary needs. Cut wafer thin and then rolled up with a garnish, the colour contrast results in a unique appearance. Finally, a very tasty eye-catcher. Salmon that will inspire you.

Have fun serving!

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Salmon with sandalwood and whisky

Smoked salmon with sandalwood is a new preparation method. The deep-red granulate used to top the salmon comes from the bark of the Australian sandalwood tree. The Aboriginals used to use this product for body paint. It was also used to preserve fish and meat. One particular consequence of this storage technique is the distinctive flavour that sandalwood provides. Het Vishuis first prepares the salmon with whisky, after which it is coated with sandalwood granulate. Only then is the salmon is smoked. The result is surprising, both to the eye and the palate. The woody aroma and whisky make for are a unique combination that takes this salmon to a whole new level.

With this salmon, you will enter a world of herbs and spices. Cut to your choice, served with wholemeal or rye bread and chutney or compote. Presentation is possible on gastronomic as well as gourmet level. The spicy aroma of the sandalwood and the elusive sweet whisky go well with winter cooking styles.

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Salmon with wasabi and nori

Prepared with wasabi and topped with nori (roasted seaweed), this salmon is also an eye-catcher. Optically very distinctive, this salmon is new-style sashimi with the shelf life of smoked salmon. For special, exclusive occasions, this salmon can also be covered with wafer-thin gold leaf (edible).

No matter how you present this salmon, it will always attract attention. Combine it with a smidgen of oriental garnishing to leave a big impression on your guests with little effort. Also perfect as a luxury bite with drinks or as part of a walking dinner.

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Salmon with wasabi and algae

We have managed to capture the delicious scent of the refreshing, salty sea in salmon by marinating it in seaweed and algae. Combined with wasabi, this gives the salmon a brief but moreish spice rush. A tasty surprise for advanced fish lovers, this product will tickle your taste buds.

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Salmon with char siu and chilli

Het Vishuis prepares this salmon with a classic char siu marinade before topping it with chilli and sesame. This Euro-Asian flavour makes for a hit with Oriental temperament.

This salmon combines perfectly with sweet roasted char siu pork. Alternate slices of salmon and pork of the same size and serve with a salad of blanched pak choi. This product is also perfect as a snack with drinks for any occasion.

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Salmon sausages

Minced salmon meat is seasoned with a mixture of spices and turned into sausages. These are air-dried and then cold smoked. The specially selected smoking herbs give the salmon sausages their unique taste. This savoury snack can only be used cold: as a snack, in a sandwich or salads.

Many customers of Het Vishuis have this product as standard in their assortment as a tasty extra. Serving tip: cut on the diagonal for use in salads, into small chunks with drinks, or as a garnish with main courses with fish. It also lends itself perfectly to carpaccio of fish and crustaceans or sliced wafer thin as a power bite. We have developed a unique presentation stand of mooring posts for fishmongers, to make this product stand out nicely.

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